12 String Guitar Kit Options from eBay or DIY

| June 14, 2013 | 6 Comments

12 string guitar kit teleJudging by the questions we’ve received lately, there’s a growing interest in building a 12 string guitar kit. So let’s highlight two approaches we’ve seen recently. One is to create your own 12 string guitar kit by purchasing the parts and putting it together. As an example, YouTuber Jonesiesucks used a Fender made in Mexico (MIM) Telecaster special body and bolted on a 12 string Warmoth neck. He used GFS Lipstick pickups and a Jazzmaster 6-saddle vintage-style bridge. Give his demo a listen:

A second approach is to purchase a 12 string guitar kit from eBay or other sources. 12 string guitar kits are regularly available with Telecaster, Stratocaster and Les Paul body styles, typically with a basswood or empress body and a maple/maple or maple/rosewood neck/fretboard.

These kits are typically unfinished and come pre-drilled with all parts needed with the exception of finishing items such as paint, stain or varnish. A recent check had these kits at $120 on eBay with shipping included. Here’s an example of a Telecaster 12 string guitar kit by YouTuber FuriousMess, who reports making the following changes to the stock kit:

12 string guitar kit bodies

  • Pearl tuner buttons
  • Floyd Rose string hold down
  • Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups
  • 3-ply Pearl pickguard
  • Fender control plate, three way switch, barrel knobs and 250K pots
  • Electrostatic jack
  • .022 mfd Sprague capacitor

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  1. avatar LJ Mendez says:

    I am looking for a 12 string electric guitar; preferably single neck but because 12 string ELECTRICS are hard to find I would take a double neck. By chance do you have a members board for anyone who built a 12 string electric and wants to sell or trade it???


  2. avatar Ben Watson says:

    I am Ben Watson and searching for a electric guitar; ideally single neck but since electrics are elusive I would take a twofold neck. By chance do you have a parts board for any individual who manufactured a electric and needs to offer or exchange it?

  3. avatar Seth Tyrssen says:

    Check out the Schecter 12 strings. Reasonable price at around $800, terrific sound and action. See the assorted videos on these things, on You Tube and on their site.

  4. avatar Seth Tyrssen says:

    I’ve seen a couple vids on the Cozart 12 string kits, which look pretty close to absolute shit. Want a good 12? Get a Schecter, it has a neck that doesn’t require King Kong-size hands to get around, and sounds fantastic, with good action. Yeah, it’s about $800 at the moment, but ya definitely get what ya pay for. It’s POSSIBLE to make a POS kit from China into a good playing guitar, but more work than it’s worth. For parts-builders in general, if you’re as broke as I am, go to Guitar Fetish.

  5. avatar Chris says:

    I’m looking for a fretless 12-string neck with a headstock that can be re-shaped. I’m trying to build an electric Oud similar to the Godwin. I plan on using a cheap, crap body if it’s useable with whatever pickups it may have the add a trapeze tailpiece or a standard tailpiece/bridge combo. Since they usually have 11 strings a 12th hole on the headstock would drive me nuts. I may have to improvise on the bridge and tailpiece but that’s no big deal. I’d have to find the scales of the Oud then maybe add fret-lines… I’m not sure yet. I almost ordered the 12-string tele kit that’s at the top of the page but right now I’m trying to build the Oud and a Sitar-Guitar similar to the Coral/Danelectro from the 60s that Rogue copied.
    Any advice as to where to find these parts for both the Oud and Sitar-Guitar would be appreciated.

  6. avatar Justin Levitt says:

    I’ve just finished building my first DIY Telecaster kit and I was wondering what to build next. Well, thank you for introducing me to my next project!! I’m definitely doing a 12 string build. Now just to decide which style 12 string to go for…

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