Amp Maker SL-18 18W SuperLite TMB Amp Demo

| March 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

Here’s a video demo of the SL-18 18W SuperLite TMB (treble, middle, bass) amplifier kit from Amp Maker. The SL-18 kit combines Amp Maker’s PP-18 18-watt kit with the SE-5A preamp to deliver a kit with more preamp gain, treble, middle and bass controls, and a master volume for balancing preamp vs amp overdrive. The added gain stage adds more compression to the preamp and there’s also more signal for the tone controls to work with. If the PP-18 is a late ’60s style of amp, the SL-18 is closer to the mid-’70s style of overdrive.

This great sounding video demo turns the amp up loud and records it with various mics (shown during the video). The main cabinet is a homemade 2 x 12 with Celestions from the 1970s. The main guitar is a 2004 Les Paul Classic with extra guitar and feedback on the outro from Paul Rowan on his 1990 Les Paul standard. The “vocal” guitar line before the solo was played through a General Guitar Gadgets Orange Squeezer clone. Some overdubs were done with a Dultone 1 x 10 with a Jensen speaker. The EQ on solos is a Boss pedal with a Monte Allums mod. The amp head was built by Chris Uff through the Ampmaker site.

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