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amplifier kitsThis is Guitar Kit Builder’s directory of amplifier kits. We try to maintain a comprehensive list of kit makers and sources so please let us know of any needed additions or changes by emailing us at editor at guitarkitbuilder dot com.

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Amplifier Kits Directory Listings

Allen Amplification – Most of Allen Amplifier’s manufactured models are available in kit form at substantial savings due to the extensive amount of time involved in point-to-point hand wiring. The cabinets come completely finished with faceplates and logo. Most kits have step by step instructions to guide the assembly and wiring. Building the kits requires that you enjoy this type of work, know how to solder well, pay attention to instructions and details, and typically finish large projects that you start. These are advanced kits, so you should have some basic kit building skills, and most important, soldering skills! Typical kits can take from 15 to 25 hours to complete. If you follow the instructions, you are never exposed to live circuits or dangerous voltages. All parts are guaranteed except shorted transformer windings, torn speaker cones, or similar abuses incurred after you receive the kit. Speakers and tubes are guaranteed for 30 days.

Amp Maker – Amp Maker is a UK company that has been supplying guitar amp kits and parts since 2005. Their first kit was the SE-5a (5W), followed by the PP-18 (18W) and WF-55 (4W).

BitMo Mod Kits – makes kits to modify amplifiers including BlackHeart, Epiphone Valve, Fender, Jet City and Vox models. They also make kits for pedal mods and various other items.

Brown Note Amplifiers – Building on some of the most revered tone platforms, Brown Note’s mission is to bring legendary tone to the professional and aspiring guitarist. They focus on making a quality product with an emphasis on hand-wired craftsmanship and premium components. Several of their amplifier models are also available in kit form.

CeriaTone Amplification sells affordable guitar tube amp board kits for the DIYer, amp shop or a boutique amp manufacturer. CeriaTone has classic circuits to offer, as well as custom made to client specifications. They are located in South East Asia.

Doberman Music Products is the main sponsor of – the Cooperative Tube Guitar Amp Community. AX84TM provides a variety of free resources to tube amplifier homebrews around the world. Doberman was founded to supply kits for AX84TM projects, and is the only entity authorized to do so. Additionally, we offer other parts that homebrewers might need. Doberman is a small, family owned internet-only business.

Electronic Valve and Tube Company (Australia) commenced business in 1995, although they have been accumulating tubes since the mid 1980’s. During this period they have acquired in excess of 50,000 tubes and CRT’s, including many rare vintage types. In addition they are regional distributors for Svetlana®, Winged C, EI, Electro-Harmonix, Golden Dragon, JJ Electronic and Sovtek® tubes, Hammond Audio and Power Transformers and chassis and Jensen® music amplifier loudspeakers.

Gab Kits sells amplifier upgrade kits for Blackheart Little Giant, Vox AC4TV, Fender Champ 600, Epiphone Valve Junior and Orange Holy Terror models.

Guytronix sells 1/2-, 2- and 8-watt vacuum tube amplifier kits for guitar. Everything is included except solder. The chassis are finished for the customer with all holes being drilled and punched. Kits feature a Mil-Std black anodized chassis, Mercury Magnetics power transformers, Gerhart Amplification’s proprietary output transformers manufactured by Mercury Magnetics and all stainless steel chassis hardware. The assembly manual guides the builder through each step.

Marsh Amps offers high quality amp kits, replica amplifiers, amp cabinets, tubes, transformers, speakers and electronic components for amp builders.

MetroAmp In addition to ready-built Plexi-style amplifier, MetroAmp carries everything to build and repair Plexi amps. Their complete DIY amplifier kits include 50-watt Plexi, 100-watt Plexi and JTM45.

Mission Amps carries guitar amplifiers, cabinets, speakers, parts, tubes, amplifier kits and mods. Their amp kit is a 5E3 tweed style.

Mojo Musical Supply is a source for vintage amplifier & guitar parts. They offer a complete line of guitar and amplifier products, specializing in vintage (pre-1980) reproduction cabinets and exact replacement components. They manufacture and internationally distribute their own custom wound pickups as well as custom amplifier and speaker cabinets in Burgaw, North Carolina. Their amplifier kits include blackface, Marshall and tweed styles.

STF Electronics is a supplier to electronics hobbyists and industry for over 90 year with a line of parts and kits for the vacuum tube builder.

Torres Engineering sells tube amplifiers, parts, amp kits, guitar kits, guitar parts and downloadable plans for building and modding many guitar amp models. All the kits have vintage fiber/phenolic circuit boards plus all the parts to build the circuit. All kits may require some metal drilling and fitting. Regular hand tools are needed for assembly. Their instructions include very detailed drawings, including full size layout drawings, showing location of all parts not as schematics, but as illustrations of the parts. Full kits (suggested for new kit builders) include the metal chassis correct for the amplifier, and all parts for the complete amp up to the specs the kit is designed for.

Trinity Amps is called Trinity Amps because the company was started by a team spanning three generations – the Father (Stephen), Son (Andrew) and Grandfather (Glen – a.k.a. the “Holy Ghost of Tubes”). Trinity Amps offers an economical Do-It-Yourself way to build you own Trinity Amp such as the Trinity 18 Watt sIII, 18 watt v6 Head, TC15 Head or Combo, Tweed Deluxe 5E3, TRIWATT Custom Lead Head or Combo, Tramp Combo or Head Kit.

Triode Electronics sells electron tubes, tube amplifier parts, and DIY tube amp kits. Yheir guitar amplifier kits include JCM800 and 5E3 Tweed Deluxe models. They also carry made-in-USA transformers for Dynaco, Fender, Marshall, Vox and Leslie amplifiers.

Tube Depot As their name suggests, the core of Tube Depot’s business is vacuum tubes. In addition to selling a wide array of tubes, they sell guitars, basses, amplifiers, amplifier kits and parts for do-it-yourself projects. Their guitar amplifier kit models include a tweed deluxe, tweed champ, tweed bassman, blackface deluxe reverb, JTM45, and 18-watt british style amps in combo and head formats.

Watts Tube Audio is a family owned, internet based business located in Saint Petersburg, Florida dedicated to bringing superior service and high quality tube audio products. They make amplifier kits and mods. Each kit comes with parts and components bagged and tagged for easy identification.

Weber Amplifier Kits Weber makes a wide variety of tube amplifier kits ranging in complexity from very simple to extremely complex. Their kits are graded for difficulty and they do not recommend anyone attempting to build any of the kits that are rated at 3 or higher unless you have the assistance of a qualified amp builder or electronics technician. This is due to the sensitivities to wire placement, grounding schemes, and other parts related issues, troubleshooting the potential malfunctions and noises which can be very frustrating without the necessary experience and knowledge. All kits feature cabinets manufactured by Weber Custom Cabinets.

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