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Here’s a relatively easy modification for your guitar that makes a big difference in its appearance. The AxeWrap guitar skin is a premium-grade glossy vinyl sheet covered with a hard laminate, used to preserve the color and design of the skin. With it you can give your guitar an airbrush-style custom look for under $30.

Guitar skins are a good alternative to more traditional methods of refinishing or customizing the look of a guitar. To have a guitar airbrushed typically costs $200 on up, depending on the complexity of the work, with the end result that the guitar is forever altered. That could be bad if your taste changes and it could hurt the resale value of the instrument. These problems are avoided with skin, since it is removeable without damage to the guitar.

With today’s printing and vinyl material technologies, what might once have been rejected as just a “sticker” is truly worthy of consideration. As for installation, skins are a small challenge to apply. You have to get the skin positioned just right, or it will hang over and/or cut-off another part of the guitar, and you have to keep it tight to avoid wrinkles and air bubbles. AxeWraps provides an instructional video, shown below, on how to apply the skin to the guitar. Since the skin is quite forgiving, if you get it wrong simply peel it off and try again. Here’s an overview of the installation:

Axewraps are made with a durable vinyl that has a rapid air release system for easy application. This system uses series of microchannels that run like veins on the adhesive side of the material. If any bubbles or wrinkles do develop during application, they disappear when a small amount of pressure is applied to them. Axewraps are laminated with a clear glossy hard laminate that protects the longevity of the guitar skin and gives it a shiny appeal. Owner and guitar enthusiast Andrew Earle says, “As we set up our Axewrap display stands in retail stores, it is fun to watch customers examine the display guitar with the Axewrap applied. Most can’t even tell that it is vinyl and many think it is an excellent airbrushed finish.” As a matter of fact, the wrap can be removed at any time without damaging the skin or leaving residue on the guitar. And AxeWraps says the vinyl can be removed with little difficulty and with no adhesive remaining on the guitar. Here’s a quick video of a removal:

Axewraps are made to fit the contour and shape of specific guitar models. Their website has selections for common models from the major guitar makes including Fender and Squier (Strats and Teles), Gibson and Epiphone (Les Pauls & SGs), Washburn (X series), Lauren (acoustic) and Peavey (Vandenberg). A large variety of designs are available from animal skins to wood and everything in between. New designs are added weekly.

This is a nice mod, for both beginners and experienced modders. See AxeWrap’s website for all the details.

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