Build a Do It Yourself Guitar Pick Holder with SUGRU

| January 14, 2011 | 0 Comments

Sugru is a great new product for do-it-yourself applications, or what the sugru folks call “hacks.” Sugru comes in a small packet and feels initially like modeling clay, but once it’s exposed to air, it cures to a tough flexible silicone overnight using the moisture in the air. You can work it for about 30 minutes and then leave it for 24 hours to cure. When sugru cures, it’s flexible rather than rigid, which means that you can repair things that need to be able to move like textiles, cables, or shoes. It comes in a variety of colors, including white, so it can be blended to reach a specific color or shade if needed. Sugru is designed to stick to as many other materials as possible. It forms a strong bond to aluminium, steel, ceramics, glass and other materials including plastics like perspex.

Now it might not be immediately obvious but a product like this has a thousand and one possible uses, from repairs, to personalization or making products better than new. Take a look at this video for an example project – in this case making a simple guitar pick holder:

Visit the sugru website to see many other hacks, including several, such as cable repairs, PanaVise improvement etc. with immediate application for the guitar kit builder.

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