Cigar Box Guitar with Jack Daniels Mini-Bottle Bridge

| June 4, 2013 | 6 Comments

cigar box guitarJunksville is a U.K. maker of one-of-a-kind instruments inspired by the traditional cigar box guitars dating back to the 1800’s. Using parts recycled, scavenged and scrounged, his builds include traditional 3-string cigar box guitars, gas-can banjos, resonator guitars and solid bodies of 3- 4- 5- and 6-strings. He also does custom guitars with the input of customer ideas.

Featured in the video below is Junksville’s latest build, the Deadwood MK-3, a 3-string cigar box guitar with a poplar body, maple top, thinline design and a single F-hole. You can see from the video that the guitar is beautifully made, and features a sapele neck with spalted ash fretboard. Among the coolest features are the Jack Daniels mini-bottle floating bridge, flip-top lighter tail piece, two Pigsquealer pickups wound on a sewing machine and poker-dice for the two volume- and one tone-control knobs.

Cigar Box Guitar Tuning

If you’re not familiar with cigar box guitars then it’s worth noting that there’s really no standard but open-G tuning is probably the most common. If you’re wondering how to get one of these Junksville instruments keep in mind that this is a hobby on the verge of a business, so you’ll need to contact the builder at to discuss any available builds or a custom order.

full view of the cigar box guitar

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  1. avatar Wolf says:

    Hi. What is the price of the Deadwood Mk III please ?



  2. avatar Steve Payne says:

    Hi, I am knocked out by the Deadwood Mk III, that is a piece of work to be proud of and inspired by.
    Please let me know how much one of those would cost me and also if it is available as a 4 stringer
    Best Wishes

  3. avatar samuel says:

    how much is the cigar box guitar 6 stringer

  4. avatar Dale Cooper says:

    What’s ur price on the Deadwood cbg including shipping to Texas….thanks

  5. avatar Terry Williams says:

    how much for a 3 string deadwood guitar.. absolutely beautiful..

    • avatar John says:

      Terry, not sure if he replied to you, but contact Jim Sharkey at Junksville Guitars and he’ll give you a quote. I have a 3-string solid body guitar from him that is perfection and it cost me £580 which included shipping. May sound a lot of money but it’s worth every penny. Also, sure the cigar box guitar above is cheaper. Cheers.

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