Dan Kelley Discusses the Res-O-Glas Guitar Kit from GuitarKitsUSA

| March 27, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Res-O-Glas guitar kit from GuitarKitsUSA is a fiberglass body guitar that recreates the vintage Supro, National, Atlas, Valco, Airline and Tonemaster brands of the 1960s. See our earlier GKB article, Res-O-Glas Electric Guitar Kits, for reference. In this update we present a set of four videos featuring Dan Kelley of www.guitarkitsusa.com.

In the first video Dan compares building a Res-O-Glas fiberglass guitar with a commonly available wood kit, looks at various vintage necks, discusses interior construction of the wood blocks and then shows off a number of Res-O-Glass neck and pickup configurations.

In this second video Dan discusses how the GuitarKitsUSA design objective was to allow for many different parts to be used with the Res-O-Glas body.

In the third video Dan demonstrates the pickup rings made by GuitarKits USA that make it easier to mount pickups on the Res-O-Glas body.

In the fourth video Dan discusses the parts made by GuitarKitsUsa for vintage Supro and Airline guitar instruments, with an emphasis on the binding and pickguards.

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