DIY Two-Button Guitar Amplifier Footswitch

| March 27, 2011 | 0 Comments

Here’s a simple video demonstration of a do-it-yourself guitar amplifier footswitch, designed to replicate a Vox VFS-2 (2-button, no LED) model. While this footswitch model is intended to be used with Vox amps such as AD15/30/50/100VT, AD100VTH and V9168R, it should work with many other guitar amplifiers as well. The project uses a 1/4 inch stereo jack (Radio Shack 274-0312) and two SPST (single-pole, single-thrown) push-on push-off switches (Radio Shack 275-011A). In case you can’t read the diagram in the video, the wiring is as follows:

  • Button 1 – red wire goes to TIP of jack (pin 2)
  • Button 2 – green wire goes to RING of jack (pin 3)
  • Button 1 – goes to button 2 then black goes to SLEEVE of jack pin 1)

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