Double Neck Guitar Kit Build

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double neck guitar kitYouTuber Olivsam made this nice video of his double neck guitar kit (6-string/12-string) build. He reports that the kit was purchased from eBay. It’s one of the SG-style double neck guitar kits sold under numerous brand names. After building the kit, the adjustments needed were neck height, bridge height, truss rod, intonation and of course tuning. Then it’s time to get your Jimmy Page on! Nice job Olivsam!

Double Neck Guitar Kit Demo Video

These kits sell under various brand names, such as Cort, and also unbranded. Olivsam reports that the kit price was in the $200-$250 range and that another $50-70 was needed for materials to finish it, such as paint, clear coat, sand paper and foil for shielding. As always, repeated sanding before painting, and after each coat, is the key to getting a good finish. You can turn a double neck guitar kit into a beautiful unique instrument with patient work on the finish.

While it’s not described by the kit, this looks like it is based on the Gibson EDS-1275 which is a double-neck electric guitar introduced in 1963 and still in production. It was made to resemble the SG model which is why it is commonly referred to as the SG double-neck. The EDS-1275 never sold in great quantities, but it is widely recognized due to its association with famous guitarists, most notably Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Page used it during live performances of “Stairway to Heaven” so that he didn’t need to switch guitars mid-song. In the intro to “Stairway” he uses the bottom 6-string neck through the first verse and then switches to the top 12-string neck. He goes back to the 6-string neck for the extended solo and then switches to 12-string for the final chorus.

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