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Here’s a nice video demonstrating a $53 pre-wired pickguard from GuitarFetish.com that looks like a real bargain to us. This would be a great way to upgrade an inexpensive Squier or Mexican Strat with stock ceramic magnet pickups. The upgrade is Item ID # J26 – Pre-Wired Pickguard- in three-ply white pearloid with ALNICO pickups.

The GuitarFetish.com specs on these are that they are Alnico V rod magnets with cloth wires. By the way Alnico is a trade name for an alloy used to make high-energy permanent magnets containing primarily aluminium (symbol Al), nickel (symbol Ni) and cobalt (symbol Co. The bridge pickup is wound to 6K, mid pickup is wound to 5.5K and neck pickup to 5K (K is kilohms of resistance). The mid pickup is reverse wind, reverse polarity (RW/RP) so positions 2 and 4 are noise canceling.

The pickguard is prewired with the knobs, screws and covers. Installation just requires soldering the shielded cable to your output jack and the extra black wire to your tremolo claw or bridge.

Pre-Wired Pickguard Top View

Pre-Wired Pickguard Bottom View

These are not GFS pickups but they sound pretty good to us. In listening to the video you’ll hear the guitar played five times, moving through the five positions listed below in the order listed.

Position 5 – Neck
Position 4 – Mid/Neck Hum Cancelling
Position 3 – Mid
Position 2 – Bridge/Mid Hum Cancelling
Position 1 – Bridge

Again, the video below goes through the switch from Position 5 to Position 1. Both the rhythm and the lead are being played with the same pickup selection. To learn more about this pre-wired pickguard visit GuitarFetish.com.

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