Homemade Guitar Case for Cigar Box Guitar

| July 30, 2011 | 2 Comments

Here’s a nice video of a guitar case build using 10mm (about 3/8″) pine wood for the sides and 6mm (about 1/4″) plywood for the top and bottom. The frame is glued and nailed together, then covered with black textured vinyl and roadcase corners. 25mm (1″) hard foam was used to create a support cavity for the guitar, and acoustic foam was used in the lid. Great job to 44Lucy44!

Category: Acoustic Guitar Kits

Comments (2)

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  1. avatar Jeff says:

    Would you let me hire you to build me a case just like this? It wouldn’t even have to be covered in vinyl if you didn’t want to mess with that. Thanks for considering it. Take care. Jeff

  2. avatar melissa says:

    I purchased a cigar box electric acoustic guitar for my boyfriend and its made by Old Crow Customs and I’m looking for a case for it. Do u know sumone who may have one for sale or sumone who can make me one for him ? Thank u and greatly appreciated for any info u can provide !!

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