Jazz Bass Guitar Kit from GuitarWorx

| February 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

Here’s a video highlighting the new jazz bass guitar kit available from Morris Guitar Kits at www.guitarworx.com.au in the style of the Fender Jazz Bass. The Jazz Bass (or J Bass) was the second model of electric bass created by Leo Fender. It is distinct from the Fender Precision Bass in that its tone is richer and brighter in the mid-range and treble with less emphasis on the fundamental harmonic. Many bass players who want to be more “forward” in the mix (including smaller bands such as power trios) prefer the Jazz Bass for this reason. The sound of the Fender Jazz Bass has been fundamental in the development of signature sounds in certain musical genres, such as funk, disco, blues, heavy metal and jazz fusion. The kit includes all parts to build a complete, playable, bass guitar including strings. The body has been shaped for comfort and the interal routing is finished for installation of pickups, potentiometers, switches and wiring. It has a solid wood neck with rosewood fingerboard and adjustable truss rod. The headstock is a square blank peg-head ready for shaping to your personal preference. The kits ship from Melbourne, Australia and currently sell for $135AU.

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