Princeton Reverb Clone by Mojotone

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princeton reverb mojotoneYouTuber ecauble posted this nice video showing his MojoTone Blackface Princeton Reverb Style Amp kit. The video also features some of his effects pedals, including a Proton envelope filter, BYOC octave divider, Keeley TS9, and Fulltone DejaVibe, and a BYOC 5-knob compressor.

Princeton Reverb Clone Components

Mojo’s Blackface Princeton Reverb Style Amp Kit features JJ tubes (2 6V6 output, 1 GZ34/5AR4 rectifier, 1 12AT7 preamp and 3 12AX7 preamp), a Jensen C10Q 35 Watts speaker, carbon composition resistors, Sprague, TAD and Orange Drop capacitors and an original black Fender-style fiber board with eyelets.

This amplifier is a clone of the original Fender Princeton Reverb, a combo amplifier that was essentially a Fender Princeton amp with the addition of a built-in reverb and vibrato. Fender introduced the 12 Watt Blackface version in 1964 and changed to the Silverface in 1968. The rectifier was changed from a 5AR4 to a 5U4GB during this time along with a change in bias resistor value.

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