MXR 45 Phaser Pedal Reproduction from General Guitar Gadgets

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Founded in 1973, MXR Innovations entered the effects market as a pioneer with the development of tough and rugged stomp boxes, simple utilitarian designs, and small sizes. The first MXR effects pedal was the M-101 MXR Phase 90, widely used on the first two Van Halen albums. A milder version of the effect was also released, the MXR Phase 45. Today the Phase 45 is prized as a classic for its couldn’t-be-simpler one-knob operation and subtle but rich two-stage analog phasing that adds depth and texture without dominating the tone. Give a listen to this video, after the jump, that highlights a re-release by MXR (now owned by Jim Dunlop) of the classic MXR Phase 45 selling for about $90 online.

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Now General Guitar Gadgets now offers a reproduction in their MXR™ Phase 45™ Replica Complete Kit, priced at $60. The kit includes all the parts and materials you need to build one, including the printed circuit board and a matched set of JFETs (Junction Field-Effect Transistors) selected for the best sound possible. Guitar Kit Builder doesn’t yet have a kit to evaluate so we’re sharing a video from a completed kit that highlights the sound for comparison with the first video above:

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  1. avatar joe user says:

    I used to have an original MXR 45 and have been kicking myself that I’ve lost it or just haven’t found where it’s hiding in the house. I bought this kit for the fun of building something electronic, an old hobby of mine, and it was very enjoyable. But the great thing was firing it up and hearing some great sounds. I don’t have the old one to compare with side by side, but this pedal brings back the sound the way I remember it. If you like the sound (listen to the video examples) get this pedal, you’ll love it.

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