Pedal Power Supply Noise Comparison – Godlyke Power All vs 1 Spot

| March 3, 2016 | 0 Comments

godlyke power allWe’ve always thought this interesting video should get more attention but after 4 years on YouTube its only had a few thousand views. The video was created by Godlyke, maker of one of the two pedal power supplies being compared, so the potential for bias needs to be considered while viewing it. And perhaps not surprisingly the Godlyke Power All is the winner in the test. But we think the value of the video is for anyone with an interest in noise free pedal operation to have an understanding of the sources of noise (AC ripple noise, switching noise) and to see what they look like on an oscilloscope, and how they vary with the amount of current. Godlyke says in the video that they created the video to assess a claim made by Visual Sound (now Truetone). Did they do a fair job of analysis? We don’t know, but you can still learn a lot about electrical noise that effects your pedal board sound by watching the video.

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