Pig Hog PHSC5 Guitar Amplifier Speaker Cable

| February 27, 2016 | 0 Comments

We love Pig Hog Cables. We recently used their PHSC5 speaker cable at one of our School of Rock gigs to connect the guitar amplifier head to the speaker cabinet and it reminded us why we like the Pig Hog line so much. This cable is really beefy – 14 gauge wire – and the main cable is 8mm outside diameter and the connectors are big and then wrapped in big pieces of red heat shrink. It just looks really cool! We can’t say that it works any better than any other decent speaker cable but it feels like it will last forever and stand up to a lot of abuse. That’s a keeper in our book. The Pig Hog PHSC5 speaker cable is available all over the web including at Metro DC Music¬†where we got ours at a nice discount.¬†

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