Guitar Wiring Kits with Premium Components from Stewart-MacDonald

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Premium_Wiring_Kit_for_GibsNew from Stewart-MacDonald are guitar wiring kits with the premium brand pots, switches, jacks, capacitors and cloth wiring used in original Gibson Les Paul and SG guitars. The kits make it easy to order top-quality components for wiring or re-wiring a 4-control / 2-pickup guitar with a 3-way switch. The kit components include Switchcraft toggle switch and jack, CTS potentiometers, Orange Drop capacitors and Push-back wire. Shielded coaxial cable with an outside braid for grounding is included to reduce noise on the longer wiring runs such as between the controls and the output jack. Black and white non-shielded wire is included for short connections between components, typically using white wire for signal leads and black for grounding to the bridge. Here’s a short video on the guitar wiring kits:

Wiring diagrams and instructions are provided suitable for any two-pickup guitar with humbuckers, single-coils, or a combination of both (master volume, master tone). You can wire both of the volume controls of a Les Paul (or any other dual volume control instrument) so that you can blend the volume of the pickups independently. This solves the problem at the middle position of the selector switch, in which turning down one volume control affects both pickups. A Jimmy Page Les Paul (JPLP) wiring option lets you coil-cut the bridge pickup using a push-pull tone control. The other feature of JPLP wiring is that in the middle position of the pickup selector, the bridge pickup is out of phase with the neck pickup.


1240_allswitchesThe guitar wiring kits come in different variations for chrome or gold Switchcraft switches, and standard- or long-shaft versions of the CTS potentiometers. To fit narrow body guitars there is also a right-angle version available for the switch.

For more information and pricing visit the this page on the site and choose the premium guitar wiring kits.

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  1. avatar Timothy Allen says:

    Hi, I need a harness to fit Rt handed Strat…w two lollar humbuckers (imperials) …need 2v and 1 master tone.

    * Can u build it for me ? Cost?
    *Or can u recommend somebody that will ?

    Thx much,

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