Res-O-Glas Guitar Kit Played By BluesBeaten Redshaw (also playing Diddley Bow)

| November 28, 2010 | 1 Comment

Here’s a video of a 16-year-old British blues player who goes by the handle BluesBeaten Redshaw, playing a Res-O-Glas guitar kit. We previously featured this kit here. This video just gives another taste of the great blues sounds that come from this kit. After you’ve checked it out, see a second video below of BluesBeaten Redshaw playing a home made one-string instrument called a diddley bow. The diddley bow consists of a wooden board with a single wire string stretched between two screws. It is typically played with a glass or metal slide. Detailed instructions for building a diddley bow can be found at

The simplicity of the diddley bow has helped many blues guitarists get their start playing slide. Most of these musicians eventually switch to guitar so the diddley bow has not been well represented in recordings. One notable exception is the White Stripe’s Jack White who makes one at the beginning of the movie “It Might Get Loud”, and then after playing it quips “Who says you have to buy a guitar?”

Here’s BluesBeaten Redshaw showing how much music you can get from a diddley bow.

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  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    man i’ve wanted a diddley bow since i saw jack white use it in the movie — didn’t even know what it was called.

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