Acoustic Guitar Building Course Online by Robert O’Brien

| February 22, 2012 | 4 Comments

acoustic guitar buildingRobert O’Brien (O’Brien Guitars) is a classically trained guitarist and woodworker with an interest in putting the two arts together for acoustic guitar building. The opportunity to do so came in 1997 when he was living in São Paulo, Brazil:

“I had the opportunity of meeting Antonio Tessarin, one of the best and most highly regarded luthiers among Brazilian guitar makers”, says O’Brien. Over the next couple of years, he studied the craft under him and built several guitars under the supervision of Tessarin. Antonio taught me the tricks of the trade and selflessly opened his shop and home to me. His attention to detail not only gave me the skills necessary to make a fine handmade guitar but also taught me to be passionate about the art of guitar building”.

O’Brien recently moved back to the States and now resides in Parker, Colorado where he continues acoustic guitar building using the methods learned in Brazil. He builds both high end classical and steel string guitars, and offers building classes in both subjects at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado. He is the author of several instructional DVD’s on guitar building and finishing as well as the creator of the very popular Luthier Tips du Jour instructional videos on YouTube. He has taught hundreds of students how to build their own custom designed acoustic guitar. O’Brien also teaches one-to-one in his private shop on how to build a custom classical, flamenco or steel string guitar.

Acoustic Guitar Building Online Course

O’Brien’s online classical guitar construction course focuses on every step in the process of making a classical guitar. With over 25 hours of acoustic guitar building instruction on video it is designed to be like having a luthier mentor standing right beside you during the entire guitar building process, teaching you the guitar construction ideas and procedures one step at a time.

In the video below O’Brien, talks about the LMI kit he uses in his Online Acoustic Guitar Building Course. The price for the online course is $197 and includes a set of the neck angle jig plans used in the video.

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  1. avatar Bill Hightower says:

    Rob, you are the sitting image of your father as a teenager . I enjoyed your video. My son-in-law is the lead singer for Due West and I am turning him on to your wares.

  2. avatar Bhuppi says:

    Hi I want to buy ur acoustic guitar kit which you showed in above video from where can I buy it ?
    Thank you

  3. avatar john krause says:

    Hello Robert, I am very interested in taking your course and was wondering if that price of 197.00 includes the kit in the video? I assume I need a fully working wood shop at my dispose for this course?

    I very much want to get started with a tech training course for new setups and repairs for acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

    I would love to get more advice and direction from you if possible before I step any further. I want to try and get certified at these fields of training. I am not wealthy but willing to do what I must. Thank you very much for any response. Happy New Year

    Many thanks
    John Krause
    850 291 8540

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