Wiring the Eyelet Board For the MojoTone Tweed Deluxe Amp Kit

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eyelet board for MojoTone tweed deluxe guitar amplifierBill Scheltema of Canadian Breed custom electric guitars shares his video here on wiring the eyelet board for a MojoTone Tweed Deluxe 5E3 amplifier kit.  The eyelet board is a piece of fiberboard with two rows of eyelets into which the leads of the electronic components (primarily resistors and capacitors) and wires are inserted prior to soldering.  The eyelet board is the forerunner of printed circuit boards, and provides a means of creating a sub-assembly during the manufacturing process.

The Mojo kits come with a layout diagram and basic instructions, but do not come with step-by-step directions, so they require a bit of expertise or pre-planning. It looks like Bill has done a very nice job with his construction so far, which bodes well for the success of his amp-building effort.

The MojoTone Tweed Deluxe Style kits are modeled after the narrow-panel models with the 5E3 schematic, which were the most popular out of all of the tweed era amps due to their tonal versatility.  Output power is about 15 watts using a cathode-biased class AB design.  Mojo estimates that the build time is about 5 hours.


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