Writing for Guitar Kit Builder

Guitar Kit Builder (GKB) welcomes the submission of article ideas, outlines or complete articles. We give all submissions serious consideration and provide feedback on suitability. Submit articles via e-mail as file attachments or in the body of an e-mail message. We accept text only files and/or Microsoft Word documents. Please read the following information to better understand our needs.

Our Mission

To increase the enthusiast’s enjoyment of guitars and gear by helping them find and build kits for instruments, amplifiers, effects and accessories and modifying them for higher performance.

Our Purpose

  1. Be a trusted and enjoyable resource for information about kits, kit makers and techniques
  2. Be a valuable resource to kit makers and sellers by helping them connect with potential consumers through articles, links and advertising
  3. Be a creative outlet for editorial contributors to share their knowledge and passion for guitar kits of all types

Please review our existing articles for guidance and remember that our policy is continuous improvement. Each submission should raise our quality average.

Our target readers are adults who are passionate about guitars and are looking to enhance and extend their enjoyment of guitar playing by personalizing their equipment and enhancing their tone.

Overall article tone should be fun and informative.

We use Drupal content management system technology as our platform and will make the most of this system to increase the media-richness and interactivity of GKB for our readers and authors.

Articles should make liberal use of photos, diagrams and videos to illustrate ideas and concepts. Remember the adage that one picture is worth a thousand words. Give preference to videos that are newer and of high quality over those with high view counts.

Anticipate a range of reader experience levels with woodworking and electronics. Unless you are writing about an advanced topic or particularly difficult project, assume you are writing for a beginner. Be clear about the expertise level required for a project.

Reference other Guitar Kit Builder content such as articles or Kit Building 101 through hyperlinks for supplementary or prerequisite information.

Constructive criticism of how a kit or components could be improved is welcome. Bashing of manufacturers or suppliers is not desired. If a product or service is truly worthy of substantial condemnation for scams or poor quality it will be written personally by our Managing Editor. Please feel free to let us know about such items but we are not interested in receiving articles written to highlight them.

Explain WHY you are doing something before explaining WHAT to do. This gives the reader context for understanding what they are reading.


While GKB is in its initial growth phase we are not able to compensate authors financially. We currently offer the following as alternate forms of compensation:

  • Provide site-wide links to the author’s website(s)
  • Provide a title to the author on our Masthead commensurate with contributions
  • Provide the author with an ongoing featured blog and direct content creation privileges
  • Use the author as a primary recipient for test products and kits to build and review

As we grow we expect our advertising base to increase to the point where we will pay authors directly for content.