Zeygot Fuzz Kit from Moody Sounds

| December 8, 2010 | 0 Comments

Moody Sounds is a supplier of guitar effect pedals, parts, and kits, based in Malmo, Sweden. We recently came across a video demo of their Zeygot Fuzz pedal kit with some great tone.

By the way, don’t ask us what “Zeygot” means in Swedish. The online translators didn’t tell us anything and it isn’t an english word. Our best guess is “zygote”, meaning a cell that comes from the joining of the egg and sperm. If that is the meaning, then it comes from this pedal being a joining of a traditional fuzz effect with a more experimental side.

The pedal switches between “Regular” and “Noise” modes. In Regular mode, the circuit is very similar to their standard Moody Fuzz pedal, with a fuzz knob that takes it from fairly mild overdrive to heavy retro-fuzz. In Noise mode the fuzz control adjusts fuzz, sustain and self-oscillation. When the fuzz control is turned up the pedal makes noise by itself. By turning down the knob there is a mix of nice sustain that can burst into a crumbling noise-mat.

The printed circuit board (PCB) has holes for adding a Fat/Sharp switch. Some bass is cut from the signal in Sharp mode and none or almost no bass is cut in Fat-mode. The kit also include some components to modify the original circuit. OK, let’s give it a listen.

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